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Client: Large privately-owned bank, Europe
Goal: improve underwriting quality for consumers with light credit history.
Solution: legacy technology stack examined, 15+ feasible solutions analyzed, a big data company selected to proceed with partnership.

image European Union

Client: Mid-sized bank, Argentina
Goal: identify a white-label solution provider to transform the financial institution from foreign exchange operator to a customer-faced digital bank.
Solution: 20+ technology companies screened, three reputable partners selected for due diligence.

image Argentina

Client: Challenger bank, Australia
Goal: assist C-suite and Board of Directors in redefining corporate strategy to take advantage of the future opportunities.
Solution: 100+ top financial technology companies interviewed, 22 selected to showcase their solutions to the Board.

image Australia

Client: Investment management company, Africa
Goal: streamline customer onboarding and create frictionless experience for new users.
Solution: 30+ identity management companies evaluated, Integrated solution designed to include identity verification, fraud prevention, crime analysis and transaction monitoring.

image South Africa

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Create disruptive financial products in partnership with innovative fintech teams leveraging blockchain, IoT, AI and other cutting edge technologies.

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Reactor Accelerator is a place where startups and corporations work together to solve challenging problems.

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Solutions Database, our technology intelligence platform, helps users identify emerging trends, get comprehensive information about new technologies/companies and take advantage of the new opportunities through partnerships.

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