Financial Technology Executive Workshop

Silicon Valley (California, US)
NOVEMBER 13-17, 2017

Event Details

Where: 4500 Great America Pkwy,
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
Financial services companies
For whom: Board members, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, Heads of strategy, accompanied by business unit leaders
Format: On-site seminars and master classes lead by the top fintech leaders; company visits.

About this event

An intensive three-day program for banking and financial services executives to stay informed about new trends and technology developments in the rapidly changing financial industry. The program enables participants to develop strategies to leverage innovative technologies and align with the right fintech partners. read more...

Our team of analysts researches technology advancements and packs a series of seminars, workshops, showcases and on-sites visits into a unique immersion experience. Originally designed for innovation leaders, bank IT executives and information technology specialists, this program is now open to all executives and entrepreneurs who is interested in exploring cutting edge technologies. To ensure high quality of the program, the number of participants is limited to 15 per cohort.

Most of our attendees are coming from established financial institutions, but occasionally we do invite executives from well-funded startups. They are usually looking to get connected to Silicon Valley ecosystem and find new opportunities through networking with our attendees, speakers and experts.


Alexey Maklakov

Chief Digital Officer at Touch Bank (OTP Group)

Business Reactor gives you a lot of support and opportunities to build the right strategy, to find the right people, partners and to invest into technologies and solutions that really work for you. Highly professional and experienced team, deep understanding of business and technology landscapes makes this service extremely valuable! read more...

If you’re a banker and are still alive, you are probably thinking about fintech all the time. How to keep clients, acquire new ones, deliver top-level service in this fast changing world – all this questions will bring you to a puzzle of new competences, technologies, solutions that you are not ready for...

07 April - 2017

Andre Achtstaetter

Director Retail Czech Republic - Prague at UniCreditbank

…the quality you and the team delivers is outstanding and the First Class! Big thanks for the fantastic service as well as the warm welcome…

04 April - 2017

Previous Attendees



As an executive, you need to track new developments in the financial technologies, but finding the time is always challenging. Our three-day agenda is packed with the most important and relevant topics to bring you up-to-date and inform about new innovative solutions and cutting edge technologies.

Fintech Ecosystem

The financial services sector is going through a structural change as new and innovative companies are entering this space. Our opening seminar with leading strategist and innovator Jay van Zyl will help participants gain insights and find hidden value in the complex fintech ecosystem.

Innovation Models

Our leading experts will present integrated framework that can be used by organisations to innovate, build or acquire innovative fintech solutions. The framework deals with the critically interlinked and complex systems required to all the aspects of new technology implementation.

Technology Selection Framework

Technology providers do not always speak the same language as their clients. Vendors often highlight strengths of their technology and do not focus on its limits, weaknesses and sometimes even overlook technical details that might be crucial to the client. There are plenty of factors needed to be evaluated by a financial institution to choose a feasible technology. Our experts have developed a proprietary Technology Selection Framework as a systematic approach to analyse information about specific technology and evaluate its applicability to client’s business needs. This framework streamlines technology selection process and makes it clear and predictable. Several bank IT executives already take advantage of this framework in their vendor evaluation process.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) will become the primary way banks interact with their customers within the next three years, according to three quarters of bankers surveyed by consultancy Accenture. Leading bank IT executives and information technology professionals from the financial industry are already investing incredible amount of resources to take advantage of this fundamental transformation. Our instructors and presenters will help participants better understand how new inventions in natural language processing, machine learning, and expert systems allow machines sense, comprehend and act in ways similar to the human brain. These technologies are behind innovations such as virtual agents, identity analytics, and recommendation systems.

Robotic Banking and Intelligent Automation

Robotic process automation and the Internet of Things will profoundly impact and transform the workforce of the future across the financial sector. Financial services institutions operate in a highly regulated industry and are faced with high demands for auditability, security, data quality and operational resilience. Robotic process automation allows modern banks to meet these demands and achieve significant operational efficiency.

Big Data

Big Data helps banking industry understand clients’ needs and expectations, keep up with trends and make changes that enhance customer relations. Our experts will show participants how big data helps optimize offers, cross sell, create personalized product offerings, increase efficiency, improve fraud detection, risk management, etc.

Blockchain Technologies

Our team of experts will help participants understand how real-time, open-source and trusted platforms that securely transmit data and value can help banks reduce the cost of processing payments, and create new products and services that can generate important new revenue streams.

Cognitive Banking

The financial services industry has the greatest opportunity to benefit from cognitive technologies to improve their operations and services, from customer support to investment advisory. Most importantly, use the digital clues the customers leave behind to truly understand what customers desire from their banking services.

Customer Engagement in the Digital Era

We will show you technology solutions that enable banking beyond the branch: apps, online tools, social engagement instruments to provide support services and introduce new products and educating clients.

Your topic!

We always customize our program topics based on viability and relevance to the specific companies attending the program. The sooner you register, the more choice you have.



Our speakers, instructors and presenters are the top subject matter experts, business leaders, scientists and startup founders. They have built multimillion-dollar businesses, wrote best-selling books, founded hottest technology companies and became internationally-recognized thought leaders. The program is designed so that our participants may actively collaborate with our experts to solve problems and bring new ideas to life. It is quite common that participants develop new solutions with our experts and form long-term partnerships after the program.



Financial Technology Executive Workshop is powered by, our fintech innovation database for banks and financial services industry. The agenda is designed to equip participants with frameworks and knowledge to better navigate through the existing "fintech noise". It is a very intense combination of on-site seminars, fintech presentations and case-studies.

Day 1

8:30 AM

Opening Seminar: Fintech Ecosystem

10:30 AM

Workshop: Technology Selection Frameworks

12:30 AM


1:30 PM

Overview: Cognitive Banking

2:30 PM

Showcase: Cognitive Banking Solutions

4:30 PM

Workshop: Understanding Artificial Intelligence

5:30 PM

Showcase: AI Technologies for Finance

6:30 PM

Evening Program

Day 2

8:30 AM

Workshop: Understanding How Blockchain Works

10:30 AM

Showcase: Blockchain Companies

12:30 AM


1:30 PM

Overview: Current trends in Big Data

2:30 PM

Showcase: Big Data Solutions for Banking

4:30 PM

Overview: Robotic Banking and Automation

5:30 PM

Showcase: Robotics and Intelligent Automation Companies

Day 3

8:30 AM

Seminar: Innovation Models and Strategies

10:30 AM

Workshop: Customer Engagement

12:30 AM


1:30 PM

Showcase (part 1): Newest Software Technologies for Banking

2:30 PM

Showcase (part 2): Newest Hardware Technologies for Banking

4:30 PM

Open Forum: Program Feedback

5:30 PM

Program Wrap-up and Takeaways

6:30 PM

Executive Dinner with Experts



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